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Quality Policy · León Research

The Management of Leon Research S.L. declares that it is its will and priority objective as an organization, to pay the utmost attention in each of the activities we perform, in every decision we make and in every action we take.

This Quality Policy is defined within the purpose of the organization, which is the management, monitoring and regulatory affairs for biomedical research and pharmacovigilance, providing top quality services within the context of the organization. This Quality Policy supports the strategic direction of the organization in establishing the priority guidelines to be followed and provides a framework for setting and reviewing quality objectives.

For this reason, the Management has implemented, developed, maintains and continuously improves the Quality System according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard model, reflected in the System Manual and in all related procedures.

This philosophy must be assumed in each of the Departments of Leon Research S.L. through the faithful commitment to the following principles:

  • Full satisfaction of our customers, offering services that meet their expectations. Therefore, we focus our actions to identify, evaluate and define customer requirements, needs and expectations, in order to meet them.
  • Comply with all current legislation, standards or legal requirements established in all aspects related to clinical research, quality, occupational risk prevention and the environment.
  • To promote and ensure the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System through the establishment of performance indicators, monitoring, measurement, analysis and evaluation of the same, as well as the establishment of quality and improvement objectives in the processes and at all relevant levels of the organization, seeking and promoting quality in the development of its activities.
  • Motivate all our collaborators to comply with quality.
  • Encourage communication among our employees as an instrument and a way of releasing all the human creative potential.
  • Promote and apply the active protection of health and safety of workers and facilities, as a basic principle for the development of the activity.
  • To minimize the environmental impact that guarantees the management of waste and resources, through the reduction of consumption, reuse, and recovery, promoting a responsible or sustainable consumption in the performance of the activities and in the offices of the organization, whenever it is technically and economically feasible, in compliance with current legislation.• In order to establish the quality standard of our services, the fulfillment of the contractual requirements with our clients and the internal quality requirements of our organization are decisive.
  • All Leon Research S.L. employees are responsible for the quality of their work.
  • Maintain a high level of innovation in the development and provision of our services with the aim of continuous improvement, promoting training among our employees, improving production processes and providing competitive advantages for the company.
  • Those responsible for the company’s Quality Management System will be in charge of promoting and documenting this policy and maintaining the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. To do so, they are committed to measure, supervise the company’s behaviour and carry out periodic reviews to implement the necessary mechanisms to make the described policies known and put them into practice in all our work activity.
  • Our quality policy is based on training and awareness at all levels of the organization, and those who work on our behalf, as well as communication with our suppliers so that we all participate in our policies and the León Research S.L. Quality Management System.

The Management is committed to disclose, make our policy understood and applied to all levels of the organization, suppliers and third parties that have a relationship with Leon Research S.L. (relevant stakeholders), with the commitment to comply with the established lines, being available to anyone who wishes to consult it.

Alfonso García Cañamaque


4 January 2022