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If you want a “human” budget for your clinical study, contact us and our BD team will contact you:

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And then?

Our way of working is simple:

Online meeting to get to know each other (both the client and the project).
And normally within a week you have an economic budget, with an estimated calendar and ALL the detailed tasks, hours and prices.

We sell a service where the relationship with the client is key and it will probably last several years, so it is essential that we both lay the foundations of the project well

Frequently asked questions about our CRO

We are based in Spain, Italy and Portugal

Headquarters · León

C. Nicostrato Vela s/n M11.2

Parque tecnológico León – 24009

León (Spain)

+34 987 261 064


C/ San Emilio, 6 – Local 128017 Madrid (Spain)

 +34 987 261 064


Via Cernaia 14. 10122 Torino(Italy)


Rua de Ceuta, N 118-1º
4050-190 Porto (Portugal)