These last days have given me the opportunity to be a Chef

Chef Alfonso

Apart from Leon Research CEO, I have also been a singer, artist, personal trainer, teacher, free time monitor, maintenance staff, housekeeper and a cooker.

I challenge you to be a chef and try to cook an Italian or Spanish recipe.

To make it easier, I have cooked a Spanish omelette for you.

Click below to watch me.

This is a complicated situation for everyone and I try to be positive and pay attention to things that are happening every day and media is not paying so much attention to. Like the millions of people staying home each day to take care of all of us.

So perhaps the next time you hear the sad news we are living in Italy or Spain, this wonderful Spanish omelette will also come to your mind.

León Research is also at home, working remotely and we continue offering our services in Italy, Spain and Portugal. You can read here some of the measures that we have taken.

I wish you and all your beloved ones are in good health or, if infected by the virus (SARS-Cov-02), are recovering properly.

We will get through this together.

Warmest regards.

Alfonso García,

CEO – León Research (among other things)

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